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"We  build   Homes,  not houses."

"Where Eco Energize Economy"



Mr.Penukonda Sridhar Naidu has over 30 years of experience  in B.S Pyromatic Group as its Managing Director, and has rich experience in building equipment for Practical Engineering Knowledge Management, and Designed over 500 products focused to Civil, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Marine, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering and associated with research scholars for completion of their Phd., programs. In IIT's  Ana university, Madras university, Department of science and Technology and universities and industries across the continents. Over 1,20,000 students are utilising the lab systems produced by this group year on year for their practical knowledge enrichment. And over 18 countries have imported these products.

EC0 SQUARE ENGINEERING & ESTATES has started with an humble beginning and rich experience of  socially responsible citizens.

The purpose of this organisation is to implement and execute Environment Friendly Green Building Structures, thus Saving Energy & Water at-least to the level of 25% and also to promote the generation  of captive clean Green Energy, through the roof  tops.
Green Design e WALS principles:  What is e Wals Principle?

To Protect and Save Environment, Water, Air, bring in Light and utilize the Sun effectively. With this holistic approach we wish to create spaces abiding the following principles,

1.Planing and designing which paves way to a sustainable and Carbon Neutral Future (CNF)  and Minimum Discharge Buildings (MDBs)  & Zero Discharge Buildings (ZDBs

2. Minimum or design away the extraneous   

3.To Integrate design aspects for multiplicity of function.
4.Design for all aspects of cimate at all levels 
5. Design for durability and longevity
6. Select materials that use their base resource most efficiently
7. Design to maximize local and regional resources
8. Use products with recyclable materials & recycled content
9. Look for least toxic materials and manufacturing processes

To enhance sustainable, healthy living:
- Designing appropriate built forms
- Choosing materials that are local available
- Designs that produce building that are in synergy with the climate they are built in
- Not producing hazardous waste, separation of waste and recycling of the bio-degradable wastes locally
- capture and reuse all of the water and renewable energy that is required for comfortable living within  

The socially responsible team has come together with their like minded associats M/s.MTA Architects, who also think on environment and done research on this subject and also have pioneered in achieving judicious usage of energy and water resurces to protect our Mother Nature. The purpose is not just  to make a dwelling, but a Dream Green Home which is energy efficient and affordable.